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  • Super Nintendo World Japan, opening March 18th
    It’s finally here all you Nintendo fans, Super Nintendo World Japan is opening it’s bowser gates on March 18th 2021. as confirmed in a statement from Universal Studios Japan Super Nintendo World will be the first multi-layered theme park, giving Nintendo fans access to Mario Kart Koopa’s challenge, Yoshi’s Adventure and a complete Nintendo world […]
  • Games Master TV show to return?
    Games Master TV show is returning?! Yes you heard that right, according to VGC, the hit 90’s Gaming TV Show is returning to our screens. UK broadcaster Channel 4 has told it’s potential advertising partners it is reviving the show after it’s demise back in 1998. The show was previously hosted by Dominik Diamond. With […]
  • Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World
    Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World has been announced, a remake of the 1994 SEGA Mega Drive game Wonder Boy 4 developed by Westone. Published by ININ Games, G-Choice and developed by Artdink (The team behind A-Train), this remake of Wonder Boy 4 features 3D models to revamp the SEGA Genesis classic. This remake has […]