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Hello fellow Pixel Gamers!

So, this is how my story began, back in 2017 whilst browsing through Instagram, I found a lot of channels where people were sharing their passion for gaming. Sure, there were plenty of retro game lovers already out there in the world and I wanted to be part of that.


I created my own Instagram channel…@pixelgamesuk, it started as a very light hobby, posting once every few days. But as time went by, my followers grew (as they do). And taking inspiration from others, I started designing and posting game comparisons, many people love seeing their old favourites pitted side-by-side against each other.

So, in this very short space of time, and my followers growing more and more, I decided it was time to launch my own website, and in April 2020, Pixel Games was born.

I want to build a huge library of retro game comparisons, classic reviews that also relive some of the great reviews from your favourite magazines back in the day. All of my content is inspired by the people that ready it and that is my vision for this site, a community of retro gamers that contribute to it’s growing online presence. Moe than anything, enjoy retro games, inspire older and younger generations to try new (old) games.

As I was born in 1980, my first console was an Atari 2600, then a ZX Spectrum 128k, Amiga 500, SEGA Game Gear, Master System, Megadrive (Genesis), SNES, Amiga 1200 and many more. But my favourite was and always will be the Commodore Amiga, fabulous times!

Enjoy the site Pixel Gamers! ?️