Animaniacs Game Comparison

Released: 1994  |  Genre: Platformer  |  Publisher: Konami / Factor 5

Platforms: Super Nintendo, SEGA MegaDrive/Genesis, Nintendo Game Boy

Animaniacs game comparison

Animaniacs the game was first released in 1994 for Sega Genesis/Megadrive and Super Nintendo. The game came out in 1995 for the Nintendo Gameboy which fetured unique soundtrack when plyed through a Super Game Boy.

Animaniacs on the SEGA Megadrive / Genesis

In the Genesis version of Animaniacs, the Warner Siblings, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, decide to open up a hip pop culture shop in order to become closer to their favorite movie stars.

To this end, they travel across various movie sets in the Warner Bros. studio lot in order to retrieve movie memorabilia to sell. However, once they collect all the memorabilia. Pinky and the Brain attempt to steal them in order to further their world domination plans.

Animaniacs MegaDrive/Genesis
Animaniacs snes

SNES Version

The Brain once again has another plan to conquer the world. Deciding to steal the script of the new Warner Bros. film while it was under development.

The CEO of Warner Bros. studio reluctantly asks the Warner Siblings for their assistance to retrieve all 24 pages of the script and foil the Brain’s plan, which is the primary objective of the game.

Game Boy Version

The Animaniacs video game for the Game Boy was released by Factor 5. But due to space constraints, only three levels are present in this version and certain parts of the three levels are absent.

As a result, both the Science Fiction/Space Opera – Space Wars (Space Trucking) and nearly all of the final Action Movie – Once There Was A Man Named Oscar levels are absent from this version.

On easy mode, the Game Boy version ends early, on the first three levels. On normal and hard modes, the Game Boy version continues after the player completes the first three levels, goes to Once There Was A Man Named Oscar, and battles Pinky and the Brain.

Animaniacs Gameboy

Animaniacs Title Screens

Animaniacs Megadrive
Animaniacs SNES
Animaniacs Game Boy

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