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BlitzWays: An Amiga 500 game 28 years in the making!

BlitzWays is an Amiga game with a curious history, it’s a puzzle game much like Mahjong and definitely designed towards the younger market.

Originally called “Stone”, a concept was designed by ISK and a basic functioning version was ready, with Sebastian I. Hartmann behind the graphics and music from back in 1992, which took him around 6 weeks.

Sadly after a personal tragedy, Sebastian abandoned anything coding-related, which led to the game not seeing a release. In 1996, while transferring his Amiga files to an archive, Sebastian found the game source and all of his memories of this forgotten game came back to him.

He took the opportunity to finish the game on his own, now in the last released version of the programming language BlitzBasic, Blitz2.

Life again would get in the way of his development and the game would remain 70% complete in his archive.


In it’s next chapter in 2004, a third party version which Sebastian initiated was made, he created all of the levels and game features.

The mobile version flopped, due to a lack of interest and it was another 15 years until it was revisited.


For reasons unknown by Sebastian, he began looking at the source code again 15 years later, and his thoughts were “hold my beer while i finish this, quickly”.

And that he did, after eight months work and a steep learning curve, BlitzWays was finished 28 years after it’s initial development.


BlitzWays is a puzzle game that demands high concentration, in the fashion of MahJong and Lin-Wus Challenge. You pick pairs from a set of tiles and respect certain rules of alignment and accessibility.

BlitzWays actually focuses on finding a way through a set of tiles that can be arranged in various formations, obstacles, traps and also dynamic diversions.

The key to mastering BlitzWays is to quickly assess how many duplicates of certain tiles are there, what special dynamic factors and traps are in the map, and how to remove tiles in the best order, taking the shortest WAYS possible.

Once you completed all levels, you would want to master the entire set of levels in the fastest time possible, resulting in the ultimate high score, rewarding you with the confidence of a truly focused mind.


Well, it has been 28 years in the making, so what are you waiting for? If you have an Amiga or a Windows PC you can play it.

Click the button below to visit the page and download the version of your choosing.


All images by werstahl.de

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