Bruce Lee homebrew game for Sega Master System

Bruce Lee sega master system

Bruce Lee was originally a game designed by Ron J. Fortier, with graphics by Kelly Day and music by John A. Fitzpatrick.

Originally made for Atari’s 8-bit family in 1984 by Datasoft. Followed quickly by various ports including the ZX Spectrum which I remember the most as a child.

Bruce Lee on SEGA Master System?

Yes you heard that right! The classic action Bruce Lee Game is available for the 8-bit Sega Master System, a console that saw many many great games in the late 80’s now has the bragging rights of having this stonewall classic too.

About the game

Bruce Lee is a platform action game, you control the martial arts legend, whilst a secong player controls either Yamo, or alternates with player one for control of Bruce Lee.

The plot of the game has Bruce Lee advamcing through chambers in a wizard’s tower, seeking infimite wealth and the secret of immortality (sounds like Last Crusade).

There are twenty chambers to get through, each has a series of platforms and ladders along with your advancing ninjas and The Green Yamo, a large unarmed warrior who resembles a sumo wrestler.

The aim is to collect lanterns from each chamber, as the chambers increase in difficulty, Bruce Lee will come across moving walls, electric sparks which require some skill to dodge.

Bruce Lee Master System

Download Bruce Lee for your SEGA Master System/Emulator

Ready to play Bruce Lee on Sega Master System? You can download it from below. Easy enough to do with the various Sega Master System emulators out there.

Enjoy, and be like water my friends!

Watch the Bruce Lee gameplay video

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