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Car-Vup Game Review – Commodore Amiga

Platform: Commodore Amiga

Publisher: Core Design

Developer: Core Design

Release Date: 1990


Car-Vup is a platform game published by Core Design in 1990. The game, which is based on City Connection is a cartoon based arcade-style platform game.

Your task in Car-Vup, is to guide Arnie through eight worlds featured within 48 levels.

You have to drive around turning Captain Grim’s evil back into good. Meanwhile rescuing your kidnapped friends, make all the worlds a happier place again and then go on to defeat the mighty evil Captain Grim at the end of the game.


When it rains in Cartoon World it doesn’t rain yucky, dirty water or cats and dogs for that matter, but Bonuses. You can find these lying around after a heavy rainfall, so just drive over them for a big score. If you manage to collect all the letters of the word BONUS you get one – and a pretty suprise, too, extra lives and extra points.


  • SMART BOMB – Destroys all the enemies on the screen.
  • SNOW FLAKE – Freexes everything, but don’t touch any frozen enemies.
  • SPEED TURN – Allows you to turn faster.
  • CARROT METAMORPHOSIS – Turns all aliens into big bonuses.


If you take too long to finish a level in Car-Vup, you get a visit from Turbo.

Fortunately you are forewarned with the message `OH OH TURBO’. All the
aliens get faster and you had better finish the level quickly or the flying
Turbo nutter appears and chases you until it catches up.

PIXEL GAMES REVIEW: Car-Vup is another great example of simple but great game design from Core, who were well-known for pushing the Amiga to it’s limits. Though a basic arcade game, Car-Vup is a lot of fun to play, though you can never really breathe because once Arnie starts moving, there are no brakes!! But there are lots of varied levels to go through and overall this is a really great game to play on Commodore Amiga.

Pixel score: 79% ?️

Other formats: Atari ST

Classic Reviews of Car-Vup for Commodore Amiga:

THE ONE – December 1990

SCORE: 90%

“WHAT A BEAUT! Playing Car-Vup is reminiscent of playing the classic arcade and console games of years gone by, when playability took precedence over presentation. The emphasis is very much on simplistic gameplay, with the cute graphics bolstering the arcade feel. As a result, Car-Vup is tremendous to play. It’s been thoughtfully designed, with the layout of the levels combining with the progressively intelligent aliensto produce one very tense atmosphere where the real skill is the only gurantee of success – something that can’t be said of many other arcade-style efforts. With the wonderfully colourful scenery and sprites, and suitably jolly tunes to accompany the action. Car-Vup delivers a superb slice of arcade action that passes it’s MOT with flying colours and promises to keep you going well into the new year.”

Amiga Format – February 1991

SCORE: 83%

“Although it sounds simple, Car-Vup’s gameplay is rather good fun. Despite it’s simplicity, the game is quite tough and it’ll be quite a while before Arnie can beat all the levels to finally confront the evil Captain Grim. It’s great fun ploughing through the levels, since each sector is portrayed by incredibly individual graphics, ranging from the lovely pastoral garden scenes to the colourful Rubik’s Cube and Stickle Brick backgrounds of Toy Land. Cartoons are great, and Car-Vup captures the feel of them superbly. Forget the paint and celluloid for five minutes and get into ‘Toon fun with Arnie and his cute friends!” – Maff Evans

Cheats and tips: Car-Vup on Commodore Amiga

Sorry, none available, do you have any cheats for Car-Vup? Get in touch!


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