Wonder Boy in Monsterland Review – Master System

Wonder Boy in Monsterland

Following the events of it’s predecessor, Wonder Boy In Monsterland features the young boy named Bock Lee Temjin (Tom-Tom). In the first game he defeated the evil king who kidknapped his girlfriend ‘Tanya’. Following the evil king’s demise, Wonder Land had 11 years of peace.

Streets of Rage 4 Review

Streets of Rage 4 Review

Streets of Rage 4, yes you heard it correctly, it’s finally here after a wait of just over 26 years since the third installment for SEGA Megadrive.

Read the review of this long awaited sequel now!

Car-Vup Game Review – Commodore Amiga

Car-Vup Game Review

Car-Vup is a platform game published by Core Design in 1990. The game, which is based on City Connection is a cartoon based arcade-style platform game.

Your task in Car-Vup, is to guide Arnie through eight worlds featured within 48 levels.

You have to drive around turning Captain Grim’s evil back into good.

Colony Game Review – ZX Spectrum

Colony game review ZX Spectrum

Colony ZX Spectrum is an action-adventure game released in 1987, by Mastertronic on their Bulldog Software label.

Due to overpopulation on earth, humanity has found the need to grow food in colonies on other planets. The planet, in which you grow mushrooms (Not the magic kind). It’s inhabited by native aliens who are hostile and look like giant insects, Starship Troopers style!

Keystone Kapers Review – Atari 2600

Keystone Kapers Review - Atari 2600

Keystone Kapers is a side-on platformer on a three-story department store and its roof. The store is eight screens wide with escalators located at alternating ends of the map, or an elevator in the center. There is also a mini-map at the bottom of the screen.

Wonder Boy Game Review – SEGA SG-1000

Wonder Boy Game REview SEGA SG-1000

Wonder Boy SG-1000 was developed by ESCAPE (Now Westone) and published by SEGA in 1986.

This was the first in a long running series of Wonderboy games by SEGA, it’s an action platformer where you guide a caveman character…

Duck Hunt Review – NES

Duck Hunt Review

Duck Hunt is a popular shooting game for the NES/Famicom, released in 1984 along with the Zapper Gun, if you wish to play this game today, you will need an old CRT TV to play, as the Zapper is not compatible with modern displays.

Donkey Kong Review – Commodore 64

Donkey Kong game review c64

This is the classic Donkey Kong on Commodore 64, brought to the C64 by Atarisoft.

In his maiden voyage, you play Mario, who was once a carpenter in 1981 and then changed careers by Mario Bros to a plumber, this guy can do everything!

Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 Review – Commodore Amiga

Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 is the second game in the popular racing franchise from Magnetic Fields/Gremlin.

The game shifts it’s focus towards a more arcade style racing format, with a heavy emphasis on multiplayer gaming.