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Donkey Kong Review – Commodore 64

Platform: Commodore 64

Publisher: Atarisoft

Developer: Nintendo

Release Date: 1983

Donkey Kong – Commodore 64 Description

This is the classic Donkey Kong on Commodore 64, brought to the legendary C64 by Atarisoft.

In his maiden voyage, you play Mario, who was once a carpenter in 1981 and then changed careers by Mario Bros to a plumber, this guy can do everything!

So, Donkey Kong has kidnapped his girlfriend Pauline, who he keeps on the top of the scaffold, your goal is to avoid the barrels and other projectiles mean old Donkey Kong has to throw at you and reach the top.

Other formats: Arcade, Atari 2600, Intellivision, ColecoVision, Atari 8-Bit, Famicom/NES, VIC-20, MSX, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Atari 7800, Apple II, Game Boy Advance

Classic Reviews of Donkey Kong on C64

Zzap!64 Issue 21: DECEMBER 1986 – Although being a very accurate conversion, Donkey Kong on Commodore 64 doesn’t offer much in the way of new or exciting gameplay. It’s fun having a couple of games and reminiscing about the good old days (In fact it’s nearly six years ago since this first came out), but after that, the game becomes very repetitive once they’ve been played a couple of times. Graphically the game is quite jolly and the sound is almost identical to the arcade game, ie: pretty grotty. If you never played the original, or want to check it out. Personally, I think it’s a bit too pricey (£8.95) to be worth buying. SCORE: 60%

HAPPY COMPUTER: FEBRUARY 1987 – If this new edition of a super oldie would only cost 10, 20 marks, it would be an original addition that should not be missing in any software cabinet. Unfortunately, Donkey Kong is sold at a higher price, for which you can get much more modern (and also better) programs. Too bad that such a good idea was sold too expensive (and therefore below value). Score: 65%

64’S: FEBRUARY 1987 – The programmers have successfully implemented the machine, although one has to ask whether this company made sense. After all, today’s home computers have graphics and sound skills that were superior to slot machines at the time. That’s why Donkey Kong doesn’t count on sensational graphics and music. Nevertheless: if you are interested in a real software antique, you will certainly also like to pay the price for Donkey Kong.

Cheats and tips: Donkey Kong on C64

Load or reset the game, then execute the following BASIC command before running or restarting the program:


More levels

Unlimited lives


POKE 12391,491

POKE 12118,234

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