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Games Master to return on TV?

Games Master returning to TV?! Yes you heard that right, according to VGC, the hit 90’s Gaming TV Show is returning to our screens.

UK broadcaster Channel 4 has told it’s potential advertising partners it is reviving the show after it’s demise back in 1998.

The show was previously hosted by Dominik Diamond with a brief stint from now film director Dexter Fletcher, before Dominic returned for the remainder of the TV shows life.

Sir Patrick Stewart?

Channel 4’s website even hosts an image of Sir Patrick Stewart but there is no mention of this in the pitch. So take this with a large pinch of salt!

The format of the new Games Master

The Games Master return will see five celebrities competing across three episodes, with the finale crowng the Games Master champion, did someone say Golden Joystick??

Each week of the show will see one celebrity eliminated, playing a number of retro gaming classics and modern games too.

Future Publishing also published a magazine of Games Master from 1993 and this ran until 2018, now three years later it looks as though we will see a return to the TV classic!

The new Games Master will see the show on E4, it’s YouTube channel along with social media, bringing it into the 21st century!

Keep a lookout for more news coming soon on the Games Master return.

Watch Games Master first episode here:

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