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Laserbirds – a new game for ZX Spectrum

Laserbirds is a new shoot ’em up game for the ZX Spectrum from Bitnamic Software.

The company had originally decided to release a physical tape version of the game in later 2020, but have decided to stick to digital for now with the ongoing situation we are all in.

The game is designed for the ZX Spectrum 48K/ZX Spectrum Plus, so it won’t work with a 128k system.

It will work on most emulators though and also the ZX Spectrum Next as long as you have it in 48k mode at 50hz.

The reason for these requirements is the use of raster graphics with a multi-colour mode, this allows for perfect and precise change of colours and graphics.

Laserbirds ZX Spectrum
Laserbirds ZX Spectrum


Pretty simple really, shoot the birds and dodge the oncoming bullets, much like Space Invaders but much faster! Each wave becomes more intense and challenging, there are a number of giant birds as bosses too, each with increading difficulty, starting with just a giant bird, later on the bird has helpers.

The game is extremely challenging and requires a lot of practice to make your way onto the leader board.


Press “1” in the presentation screen for Kempston start, “0” for keyboard. Keys can be redefined and default to QAOP-Space

Guide your vehicle to aim at the creatures. Keep the fire button pressed for rhythmic shooting. Release the button to cease fire. The player is allowed to fire two shots, after which at least one will have to go out of reach before another can take its place. The use of joysticks is strongly advisable as it may extend your equipment’s life span, moreover providing the best from this experience. 

Each dead creature scores you one point. Every hit on the Alpha creatures is also worth one point. A bonus vehicle will be awarded every 500 pts. If your score is high enough you’ll be welcomed to the hall of champions. To achieve the highest score, however, the player must take on the challenge and go beyond 129 stages.


You can purchase the Laserbirds .tap file by heading over to Teknamics website, the price starting at 2.99€ EUR, but it’s up to you if you want to pay more after the initial price, which is the companies overall pricing model for games.


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