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Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 Review – Amiga

Lotus Turbo Challenge 2, the second game in the popular racing franchise from Magnetic Fields/Gremlin.

Platform: Commodore Amiga

Publisher: Gremlin

Developer: Magnetic Fields

Release Date: 1991

Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 Description

The game shifts it’s focus towards a more arcade style racing format, with a heavy emphasis on multiplayer gaming.

In this game you have a choice of 2 cars, the Esprit from the original game, and a Lotus Elan.

Lotus 2’s single-player mode uses all of the game screen instead of half, and opponent cars appear in a variety of colors (opponent cars in the original game were all white). However, music is absent from racing altogether; the player instead hears the car’s engine sound.

The game was developed specifically for the Commodore Amiga, and later converted to other platforms.

Barry Leitch’s intro music for Lotus 2 is often found on playlists of retro computer music webradio stations; it contains a subliminal message in the form of a sampled voice at around the 12-second mark (played through the left channel only) which says “you will not copy this game”. The sample is played very quietly during the first few bars, and can be easily accessed in any MOD tracker program.

The hi-hat and voice sample at the very beginning of the main theme is taken from Yello’s Oh Yeah, a song that became famous as the theme for another sports car (a Ferrari 250 GT California) in the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.


PIXEL GAMES REVIEW: Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 on the Commodore Amiga is still a multiplayer treat now, as it was back in the 90’s, one of the finest racers of it’s generation. The key to the success of this game is the sense of speed the game brings with it’s impressive frame rate, inspired by games like OutRun and Chase HQ, Lotus II proves to be very polished. A must for all you Amiga fans out there!

Pixel score: 97% ?️

Other formats: Amiga CD32, Atari ST, Acorn Archimedes, SEGA MegaDrive/Genesis

Classic Reviews

AMIGA ACTION 25: OCTOBER 1991 – Okay, it’s true. Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 draws very heavily on its predecessor for its inspiration. Basically, the games are very similar. However, it has been updated, the graphics are faster and smoother. The courses and terrains are much improved, as are the multitude of options. On top of this you have a four player option that will keep you and your friends coming back for more and more. Lotus II is the best racing game that has ever been seen on the Amiga. Buy it now. SCORE: 95%

CU AMIGA: OCTOBER 1991 – Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 is set over timed stages, there’s no chance to learn each circuit like there was in the original game. Unexpected bends and roadside debris all appear unexpectedly and it’ll take you hours of play before you can anticipate what’s coming up next. “This is one game you’ll never ‘tyre’ of….” Score: 93% (Dan Slingsby)

THE ONE FOR AMIGA: OCTOBER 1991 – I MUST SAY, it really is satisfying to play a sequel that has had some thought and effort put into it rather than yet another ‘rip-u-off extra levels disk at full price’. Because Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 retains all the playability of the first game, fans of that one are definitely going to like this.

The addition of a variety of driving conditions prevents that feeling of ‘deja vu’ that seems to prevail in so many sequels, as does the provision of a full screen view for single-player games. The courses are more interesting too, with a greater variety of hazards to avoid. One of the most impressive aspects of both the Lotus games is the speed and smoothness of the screen updates.

There are plenty of 3D driving games in which everything moves at a crawl (the conversions of OutRun being a good example), but Lotus 2 actually manages to give the impression of real speed. The atmosphere is further enhanced by some extremely realistic sampled effects. This is easily the best 3D road driving game on the market and highly recommended whether you’re a Lotus fan or not. (Laurence Scotford)

Cheats and tips:

Enter one of the following passwords to activate the cheat function.


Disable timer

Always qualify

Sub mini-game





















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