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Melkhiors Mansion – A New ZX Spectrum Game!

Introducing Melkhiors Mansion, Look familiar? If you grew up in the 1980‘s, oldies like me remember, then you will see similarities with a certain Ocean Software game called Head Over Heels. Melkhior’s Mansion is certainly a much more fast paced game.

Isometric throwback heaven with Melkhiors Mansion


Guide Sir Stamperlot the knight around Melkhior the Wizard’s house of horrors, or choose to play as one of his trusted companions, Lester the clumsy Serf, Zouch the green haired Witch or perhaps the elegant Princess Ashby.

Your task is to find the pieces of the key that will unlock the main entrance to the mansion, thus granting our hero, whoever that may be, their freedom from Melkhior’s evil clutches.

Coming soon on Spectrum Next, Windows PC and ZX Spectrum 128k.

Meet the gang! Serf, Zouch the green haired Witch and Princess Ashby.

Take a look at the video below, the game is built using 15 colours from the iconic ZX Spectrum pallet (Black not included!).

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