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Neutron C64: A reborn 80’s shooter by Witchsoft

Neutron is a fast-paced vertical shooter for the Commodore 64, all programming, graphics and sound are created by Sarah Jane Avory. Sarah started out writing games for the VIC-20, then moved to C64, Amiga, Sega Megadrive, Mega CD, Saturn, PlayStation 1, 2 and 3 and also PC.

This version was creted specifically for RGCD’s C64 16KB Cartridge GameDev Compo 2019, the game has been coded for PAL but will also run on NTSC, though at a faster pace.


Back in the neon 80’s, Sarah loved the arcade game Star Force, and she decided to code her own version of this game for the C64, Neutron was born.

Even though the game was finished, it never released. Because Orpheus (the company she worked for) closed down before Neutron got a release.

Over time, the files for the game were binned, but fast forward to the present day, and after needing a break from her Novel writing, Sarah decided to return to her roots and code some C64 games, the 16kb cartridge competition became the motivation to enter Neutron into the competition.

So here it is, a vertical shooter reborn from the ashes, using all of her additional coding experience to fine tune the game even more than it’s predecessor that never saw the light of day.


Neutron won the RGN Gamer’s Choice Commodore 64, 2019. And Sarah Jane Avory saw her reborn shooter scoop a well-deserved prize.

If you want to get your hands on this awesome shooter and support Sarah in the process. Name your price and download the Commodore 64 shooter by clicking the link below.


9 challenging stages of increasing difficulty.
Player weapon upgrades.
3 different background styles.
Over 18 types of enemies.
Mid-stage mini-bosses.
End of stage boss.


Joystick in port 2, or Keyboard:

S – Up, X – Down, < – Left, > – Right, SPACE – Fire!


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