New SEGA game console incoming? A big gaming announcement is due from SEGA in the next few days that promises to be a big shake up in the gaming industry.

The rumour is a possible team-up between Microsoft and SEGA to launch the latest Xbox console in Japan.

The SEGA games console (SEGA Xbox) is a curious case. It’s certainly raised a few eyebrows in the gaming industry.

Since Xbox arrived on the scene back in 2001, they have failed to capture the Japanese market. This partnership could be a huge boost as SEGA are still a powerful brand in Japan.

But brand alone will not cut it, so does this mean huge investment in SEGA by Microsoft? To bring a series of Japanese games to the X-Series/Dreamcast 2?

It would be great to see some of SEGA’s forgotten game franchises return, like Shinobi, Golden Axe, Out Run or even a new Gunstar Heroes game?

Ok, so we’re getting carried away here, plus SEGA is no longer the same company it was in the early 90’s.

SEGA had the opportunity to partner with Sony after the breakdown between Sony and Nintendo. And much later were rumoured to team up with Microsoft during the Dreamcast/Xbox era.

This seems all too late, but we will find out this coming week if these rumours are true. And indeed what tricks SEGA has up its sleeve.

How do you feel about a possible SEGA partnership? And would you be tempted to buy the Japanese console over Xbox branded systems?


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Source: Metro

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