SEGA Announce the MegaDrive Mini 2

SEGA MegaDrive Mini 2

In the last 3 years, SEGA have got on board the mini console craze in style with the SEGA MegaDrive Mini, in a surprising twist, they have just announced the SEGA MegaDrive Mini 2. This is the second curve ball SEGA have thrown at us, since we saw the release of the Game Gear Micro in 2020, but that was a Japan only release, this mini will see a worldwide release.

I know many of you were hoping and expecting a SEGA Dreamcast, or even a SEGA Saturn Mini, which has developed a huge following since it’s disastrous release back in 1994.

SEGA MEgaDrive Mini 2 Games
YES! MEGA-CD! Some of the games on SEGA Mega Drive Mini 2
6-Button Pad!

So what is the SEGA Mega Drive Mini 2 all about?

The SEGA Mega Drive Mini 2 builds on the success of it’s mini predecessor, coming with a new collection of 50 titles, some of which were Japanese only releases and more interestingly, this one comes with a selection of SEGA CD (Mega-CD) titles too.

The SEGA CD titles will include, Sonic CD, Slipheed, Shining Force CD, Mansio of the Hidden Souls and Popful Mail. The SEGA Mega Drive line-up this time will include classics like Thunder Force IV, Bonanza Bros, Virtua Racing, Magical Taruruto, Fantasy Zone and Shining in the Darkness. Fantasy Zone is a previously unreleases Mega Drive port!

6 Buttons you say?

Yes, finally with the SEGA Mega Drive 2, the worldwide release will see the addition of the 6-button pad, instead of the dissapointing 3-button one that was packaged with the original mini in the USA and Europe. The package comes with a single controller, but aditional controllers will be available on release, probably below the £20 mark.

How much is the Mega Drive Mini 2

It has been confirmed in Japan at 10,978 yen, this tranlates to £66 GBP, which is a fairly reasonalble price for a 50 game package. The latest mini will release on 27th October 2022!

Will we ever see a SEGA Dreamcast or Saturn Mini?

Possibly, at this moment in time, there is no evidence to show this, but I should imagine SEGA will want to tap into the incredible classics on these iconic consoles in the near future.

Dreamcast and Saturn Mini

Take a look at the Japanese trailer

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