Street Fighter 2 Head-to-head

Platforms: Super Nintendo vs SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis

Publisher: Capcom | Developer: Capcom | Released: 1993

Street Fighter 2

Street Fighter 2 was one of the biggest conversion battles in the early 90’s, World Warrior first hit the SNES in 1992, leaving SEGA Megadrive fans jealous.

I remember being an Amiga and Megadrive owner at the time with only a bad conversion to play on Commodore’s computer and Fatal Fury being the closest thing on my SEGA console.

16-Bit Exclusivity Wars

Nintendo had a policy that meant any game released on it’s console would be exclusive to it. This was why World Warrior never made it to other rival consoles, only computers and the PC Engine saw the Championship Edition with the bosses as playable characters.

Capcom were developing Street Fighter 2: Turbo on the SNES, meaning the already in development Megadrive version got canned, in favour of an enhanced Championship Edition called Special Champion Edition.

There are Megadrive roms in the wild of a Championship Edition that was in the early stages of being transformed into a Turbo Edition.

When 1993 came around, so did the news all SEGA fans had been waiting for, Street Fighter 2: Special Champion Edition was coming to Megadrive before Christmas.

The SNES version, Street Fighter 2 Turbo had already launched to huge success in July for Japan and August for Europe and North America.

Street Fighter 2: The port battle is on!

With a new Street Fighter 2 game out on two of the biggest 16-bit machines of the day. The SEGA/Nintendo fan boy arguments began, which was the better conversion?

Six Button Pads

The SNES had the advantage here, already having a six button gamepad. You likely to have battered, bitten and thrown in anger playing the original World Warrior version.

Megadrive owners however would have to either press START to switch between Punch and Kick on their three button pads.

But knowing this would be an issue, SEGA launched a reasonbally priced £14.99 (UK) six button gamepad. This Megadrive owners an experience similar to their Nintendo rivals.

Super Nintendo gamepad
SEGA Mega Drive six button pad
Mega Drive/Genesis Pad

SNES vs Mega Drive: Let the battle commence!

Title Screens

Street fighter 2 sega megadrive title screen
Street Fighter 2 title screen SNES

Character Select

Street fighter 2 sega megadrive character select
Street Fighter 2 SNES Character select

Ken Stage

Street fighter 2 sega megadrive
Street Fighter 2 SNES

Chun-Li Stage

Street fighter 2 sega megadrive
Street Fighter 2 SNES

Bonus Stage

Street fighter 2 sega megadrive bonus stage
Street Fighter 2 bonus stage SNES

Guile Stage

Street fighter 2 sega megadrive
Street Fighter 2 SNES

SNES vs Mega Drive: Which one is best?

Street Fighter 2: World Warrior was the must-have game in 1992 on SNES that made all SEGA fans very jealous. But in 1993 after some bumps in the road, SEGA fans had their prayers answered, and it’s a pretty decent version, with the main drawbacks being the need for an additional six-button pad for the full experience. And the sound on the SEGA version is not as good as the SNES. The colour pallete of the SNES also makes for a much more polished looking game. 

Verdict: SNES

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We know this one is a fiercly fought rivalry, so let us know which version of Street Fighter 2 you think is better.

Which version of Street Fighter 2 is better?

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