Super Nintendo World Japan, opening
March 18th

Super Nintendo World Japan

It’s finally here all you Nintendo fans, Super Nintendo World Japan is opening it’s bowser gates on March 18th 2021. as confirmed in a statement from Universal Studios Japan

Super Nintendo World will be the first multi-layered theme park, giving Nintendo fans access to Mario Kart Koopa’s challenge, Yoshi’s Adventure and a complete Nintendo world as your playground. More information on the rides below.

All ticket sales through travel agencies have been suspended since 2020, as a consequence, getting access will be limited for now with area timed entry tickets among other guidelines to be implemented. Above all, it’s finally here!

Team up with friends, battle their rivals, and power up at Super Nintendo World Japan

Universal Studios Japan will bring thrills for the whole family, from retro gaming parents through to Nintendo Switch owning toddlers, transporting the entire family to a multi-layered Mushroom Kingdom.

Food and Restaurants

Super Nintendo World Japan will serve up some incredible and fun cuisine. How do you fancy visiting Toad’s house and be served some fun Toad and Mario themed dishes while you can take in the stunning views of the Mushroom Kingdom outside?

You can order the Mario’s Bacon Cheeseburger, Super Mushroom Pizza Bowl with Muschroom Tomato Sauce, Piranha Plant Caprese and Block Tiramisu.

For those tho want to eat on the go, Yoshi’s Snack Island will serve up some delicious snacks.

Mario’s bacon cheeseburger
Super Mushroom Pizza Bowl
Block Tiramisu

The Super Nintendo World Rides

Mario Kart:
Koopa’s Challenge

You can race to victory through the iconic Mario Kart courses, which have been brought to life with cutting-edge technology. Challenge enemies with shells, aim for the chequered flag with Mario and Peach.

This adrenaline filled Interactive Mario Kart theme park ride will leave you amazed, and it’s the first one in the world!

The experience lasts approcimately 5 minutes with each kart having the capacity for 4 people. The height requirements for the ride set at 122cm tall, or 107cm with an accompanying adult.


Hop on Yoshi for an adorable adventure at Super Mario World Japan. Climb aboard yoshi as you search for Toad on a treasure hunt! With spectacular views of the Mushroom Kingdom to boot, this is the ultimate family ride attraction.

Each Yoshi allows 2 people to ride with a minimum height requirement of 122cm, or 86cm with an accompanying adult.

Take a tour of Super Nintendo World Japan with Shigeru Miyamoto…

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