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Released: 1993 |  Genre: Platformer |  Publisher: Team 17

Platforms: Commodore Amiga, Amiga CD32, MS-DOS

Superfrog Game

Superfrog is a 1993 platformer developed by Team 17 for the Commodore Amiga. It features the trademark crisp shaded graphics that became a standard for Team 17 during the Amiga era.

The aim of the game is to defeat the evil witch who through jealousy kidknapped the princess and turned the prince into a frog, not just any frog, a Superfrog!

Along the way, Superfrog will find a golden key and escape captivity in a circus, among the many challenges our poor little green friend will face.

The Many Levels of Superfrog

Superfrog features an impressiev 24 levels, split amongst six themed worlds. Each level you must collect a set amount of coins to open up the exit and progress.

The game features a timer countdown, along the way you can collect Lucozade bottles to replenish energy. Many Amiga games of the time had product placement in them.

Superfrog Lucozade

Slots of Fun

Depending on how fast you finish the levels, and how many coins and fruit is picked up determines how many credits you earn at the end of the level.

There is a maximum of 15, which can either be collected, or gambled in a slot machine mini game for extra bonuses.

Winning a level code is the biggest prize, allowing you to continue the game from that level at a later date.

Superfrog Slot Machine
Superfrog Bonus Game


One of my favourite parts is an extra level in between worlds 5 and 6, a side-scrolling shooter by the name of Prohect-F.

A homage to another of my favourite Team 17 games, Project-X. It even features a remixed version of the games awesome soundtrack too!

The aim is simply to get to the end of the level and survive, with no coins to collect on this stage.

The PC version did not feature this extra level. Making the Amiga version the only true way to play Superfrog in my opinion. (Yes, I am biased)

Superfrog Project-F

Developing Superfrog

  • Superfrog was developed in 1993 and released for the Amiga in the same year by Team17, acting simultaneously as developer and publisher.

    The release was popular enough to spawn an Amiga CD32 version. This version could also be played on some Amiga computers fitted with a CD drive.

    With its enduring popularity, it was then converted for the PC by Bubball Systems in 1994, running as an MS-DOS program.

    Eric W. Schwartz provided the animation for the introduction. The Amiga version was re-released by Islona Software in 1999, with slightly different box art.

    In 2012, Superfrog was, along with other games by Team17, released as a legitimate digital download from, this version being the first compatible with Windows.

Superfrog Game Box Arts

Superfrog Amiga
Superfrog CD32
Superfrog MS DOS

Title Screens

Superfrog Amiga
Superfrog CD32
Superfrog PC

Gameplay Screens - Superfrog

Superfrog Amiga
Superfrog CD32
Superfrog MS-DOS

Superfrog on Commodore Amiga

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