Top 10 Cancelled Atari Jaguar Games

Top 10 Cancelled Atari Jaguar Games

TOP 10 CANCELLED ATARI JAGUAR GAMES. The Atari Jaguar was the worlds first 64-bit games console and it released in November 1993. It was Atari’s sixth games console and was designed to compete with the 16-bit SNES and Megadrive and also the 32-bit Panasonic 3DO which also came out in 1993.

The ill-fated Atari Jaguar only had 50 officially licensed titles in it’s life and 13 Jaguar CD games, which was brought out to extend the consoles life, this however did not work.

In 1996, even after a huge price drop, the Atari Jaguar was discontinued after less than 250,000 console sales.

As a result, many Atari Jaguar games were cancelled, which brings us to this list of my Top 10 cancelled Atari Jaguar games, many games that came out for the console were very lazy ports of Amiga games with a few additional features.

10. Bomberman Legends

Bomberman Legends was never promoted in any magazines or publications, but in 1998 in a Q&A session it was mentioned that the game was cancelled in 1996. On May 25th 2014, the source code for the game was discovered on a CD-ROM, Mike Mika and his brother who were lead programmers on the game released production artwork of the game.

Bomberman Legends Atari Jaguar Game

9. Mad Dog McCree

Mad Dog McCree is the first live-action laser-disc video game released by American Laser Games, it used Amiga-based hardware in the arcades. In 1994 it was announced to be in development for the Jaguar CD, but the game never saw the light of day. A light gun was never announced either, so there is no confirmation on where the development was for this, though there must have been something planned.

Mad Dog McCree Atari Jaguar Game

8. Kick Off 3

Anco’s infamous, Kick Off 3 was previewed in June 1994’s ST Format. They announced the game was ‘almost finished’. Indeed the game was submitted by Anco to Atari ready for publishing, but a few bugs were found and Atari demanded Anco fix them first. But because the SNES/Megadrive versions received such bad reviews, Anco just canned the Jaguar version completely. Shame Anco could have had a huge hit if they fixed the thing!

Kick Off 3 Atari Jaguar Game

7. Road Rash

In June, 1995, Atari struck a deal with EA to bring Road Rash to the Jaguar CD. Likely this was a direct port of the 3DO game, but sadly the game never saw any further progress from the original release. There are various forums dreaming of Road Rash for Jaguar CD but as of yet there have been no immediate plans by anybody to attempt a 3DO port.

Road Rash Atari Jaguar Game

6. FIFA International Soccer

As part of the same Jaguar CD deal discussions for Road Rash, Atari also struck a deal for the launch of FIFA International Soccer on Jaguar CD. But this game suffered the same fate of being cancelled due to the commercial failures of the Atari games console.

FIFA International Soccer Atari Jaguar Game

5. The Need for Speed

The Need for Speed was released for the Panasonic 3DO in 1994, then later for MS DOS, PlayStation and Sega Saturn. The Atari Jaguar CD version was planned, but it seems that these productive meetings with EA went horribly wrong for Atari in the end. EA pulled a lot of game support, if only Atari struck a deal sooner…

The Need for Speed Atari Jaguar Game

4. Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger

Wing Commander is a space combat simulator inter-cut with live action cut-scenes. The game relied more on cut-scenes to drive the story along making much more use of CD technology. This made it an inevitable choice for an Atari Jaguar CD release, sadly this never happened and after it’s initial 3DO release, it later came to Sony PlayStation instead.

Wing Commander 3 Atari Jaguar Game

3. Mortal Kombat 3

Mortal Kombat 3 was slated to be released for Atari Jaguar in the second quarter of 1996, which came from a joint press release issued by Atari and Williams Entertainment on March 13th 1995, it was never released. A 3DO port also got canned, along with the Saturn version which instead became Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.

Mortal Kombat 3 Atari Jaguar Game

2. Gunship 2000

A Gunship 2000 port for the Atari Jaguar was announced in November 1993, at the same time Microprose signed as a third party developer by Atari. The game was advertised for late 1994 but this game never came out, the later revamped PlayStation version would have been a welcome addition to the Jaguar library.

Gunship 2000 Atari Jaguar Game

1. Quake

Quake is a bit of a mystery on the Atari Jaguar, but one magazine reported a 30% complete version at one stage, it would be hard to imagine how the game would work on an Atari Jaguar pad, but the idea of Quake on Jaguar was an exciting one for sure. In 2013 on Atari Age, a user was talking about making the game a reality and was asking for people with Jag coding experience, but that is all we know.

Quake Atari Jaguar Game

Other honourable mentions:

There were over 120 Atari Jaguar Games in total that got canned, these are some of the honourable mentions.

  • Alone in the Dark
  • Discworld
  • Dragon’s Lair II: Time Warp
  • Gain Ground
  • Mortal Kombat (1992 Original)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation – A Final Unity
  • Steel Talons
  • The Assassins
  • Tetrisphere
  • Thunderhawk
  • Zaxxon

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