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Wonderboy Review – SEGA SG-1000

Wonderboy SG-1000 was developed by ESCAPE (Now Westone) and published by SEGA in 1986.

This was the first in a long running series of Wonderboy games by SEGA, it’s an action platformer where you guide a caveman character called ‘Tom Tom’ in some localized versions. Classic story where you have to save his girlfriend ‘Tina’ (Tanya in certain versions) from the Dark King (Drancon).

Platform: SEGA SG-1000

Publisher: SEGA

Developer: ESCAPE

Release Date: 1986

Armed with a stoned-hatchet, Wonderboy can throw at his enemies, along the way he runs into a series of eggs which contain powerups, including a skateboard to help you speed through the level (until you run into an enemy). Also you can obtain an angel which temporary protects your character, allowing you to run into enemies. These eggs can also contain curses, which cause you to lose energy.

At the end of every four rounds, you run into a boss, once defeated, the mighty lord’s mask flies off and transforms into an item such as a tea cup or a piece of fruit for the boy to collect. The evil witch doctor then subsequently makes his escape.

As with the arcade version, collecting all dolls in the game would reveal an extra ‘area’ which, in this case, would be the tenth area.

PIXEL GAMES REVIEW: Wonderboy for the SEGA SG-1000 is a reasonable conversion, with the limitations of the hardware. Though it’s definitely more recommended more for the SEGA Master System or Game Gear.

Pixel score: 60% ?️

Other formats: Arcade, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, Game Gear, MarkIII/Master System, Wii (Virtual Console), ZX Spectrum, PS4 (Arcade Archives)

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